Height:146cm / 57in
Weight:47KG / 102lbs
Up bust:108cm / 42.51 in
Under bust:55cm / 21.65 in
Waist:58cm / 22.8 in
Hips:127cm / 50 in
Arm:55cm / 21.65 in
Thigh:73cm /28.7 in
Calf:36cm /14 in,
Foot:20cm / 7.8 in
Oral Depth: 4.72in (12cm)
Anal Depth: 5.51in (14cm)
Vaginal Depth: 6.30in (16cm)
Package Size: (156cm*45cm*30cm)
if you have any other question kindly let me know .thanks!


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YL Sex Doll 146cm TPE Anime Love Doll


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