125cm sex doll

Brand Name : Qita Doll
Model Number :125cm+YeYaRou
Material :silicone head with tpe body Metal Skeleton
Height: 4 ft 1 in. / 125 cm.
Weight: 37.48lbs. / 17 kg.
Upper Bust: 22.4 in. / 57cm.
Under Bust: 16.9 in. / 43cm.
Hips: 27.5in. / 70cm.
Waist: 15in. / 40cm.
Shoulder Width: 8.6in. / 22cm.
Arm Length: 18.1 in. / 46cm.
Hand Length: 4.7in. / 12cm.
Leg Length: 24.8in. / 63cm.
Thigh Circumference: 13.3in. / 34cm.
Calf Circumference:  8.67in. / 22cm.
Vaginal Depth: 5.5in. / 14cm.
Anal Depth: 4.7in. / 12cm.
Foot Length: 6.3in. / 16cm.


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Qita Doll 125cm Silicone Head With TPE Body


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