120cm sex doll

Brand Name: AXB SEX DOLL
Model Number:120cm+A56
Material: Solid and Soft TPE with metal skeleton
Height : 120cm
Weight : 19kg
Breast: 58cm
Waist: 52cm
Hip: 69cm
Leg Length:56cm
Arm Length:47cm
Shoulder Breadth:31cm
Vagina depth: 16cm
Anal depth: 12cm
Oral depth: 10cm

AXB Eyes Color

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

AXB Areola Size

S, M, L

AXB Areola Color

1, 2, 3

AXB Feet

Normal Feet, Stand Feet with bolts

AXB Nail Color

01#-sakura, 02#-rose, 03#-ivory, 04#-ink, 05#-scarlet, 06#-rattan yellow

AXB Public Hair

No, Public Hair 1, Public hair 2

AXB Dol 120cm With Head A56 Big Breast Doll


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