ZELEX promotional events:

Free freckles;-Free automatically sucking vagina (165, X165, 170 and 175);-Free hyper realistic Gel-filled breasts;-Free standing feet without bolts;-Free movable jaw with oral structure;-Free kneadable gel-filled buttock (165, X165, 170 and 175);-Free delicate finger skeletons;-Free human-like body painting;-Free hard hand;-Free implanted pubic hair;-Free 2nd head.Promotion time: Aug 5,2023- Aug 31, 2023.

Gamelady Big summer promotion coming!

Purchase the full Gamely doll will get-Free an extra random head-Free random bikini-Free upgraded skeleton-Free articulated fingers-Free gel breast and gel butt-Free hard hands and hard feet-Free realistic body paintingIf customers also want to purchase a third head, half price.Event time: June 1 – July 31 Note: 100cm Tifa does not participate in this event

Silicone Ultra -Soft VS Standard Body

When it comes to Ultra-soft silicone dolls,there are certain things to keep in mind to maintain Firstly,the ultra-soft silicone material has a slow rebound so it’s important avoiding any excessive gripping or pinching,Which may result in the formation of dents and unevenness on the surface of the doll. Secondly ,if your ultra-soft silicone dollshave a …

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